Payday Loan for Extra Cash Behind the Hand | Small Loan

You will always see it, an annoying edition that you have not counted on suddenly pops up on your mat. Only you have no money at the moment and your debit card no longer works either. If you don’t feel like taking out a huge loan, you can still opt for a Payday loan for extra cash. Even if you go on holiday and are not sure whether you have enough pecunia to get through your vacation days, you can take it for granted with borrowing a small amount up to a maximum of 800 euros.


Payday loan for extra cash behind the hand

Mini loan for extra cash behind the hand

There are several situations in which it can happen that you just need some cash for a short period. Everyone suffers from a balance dip and can use some extra cash to pay for an unexpected bill, a weekend away, an upcoming holiday, purchasing an item that can’t wait (washing machine, television, etc.). For these moments you do not really need a large loan such as a personal loan, but you can suffice with borrowing a small amount. This has its advantages, but certainly also its disadvantages. Read further what these are and how you apply.



Benefits credit

Read carefully what this is about, then you will not be faced with unexpected costs.
1. Borrow money quickly, you have the requested amount in your account within 24 hours.
2. No difficult contracts that you have to sign, everything online.
3. Because of the short duration (45 days) you will get rid of it quickly.
4. Borrow money without credit. No creditworthiness check is done in Tiel.
5. Clear conditions that are immediately displayed with the application.




Of course there are also disadvantages associated with the Payday loan.
1. Relatively high costs.
2. You must repay quickly in one go.
3. Maximum amount is on the low side (800 euros)


How does the application work?

credit application

You start by filling in the online form. There you indicate how much you want to borrow and the repayment period, which is 15, 30 or 45 days. Send the form and your request has been sent (duration of request about 5 minutes). You then send the following documents by e-mail that you have scanned or made good, clear photos with your mobile phone.
1. ID document.
2. Choose a guarantor (a family member, friend, partner), or choose the provider’s guarantor.
3. Verify your bank account by transferring 1 cent via iDeal from the provider.
You see that the process is clear and simple.



Which conditions must I meet


You must have a regular income of at least 900 euros per month. You must also have a bank account and be resident in the Netherlands. Furthermore, you must have a mobile phone with a Dutch number because various matters are handled by SMS. As mentioned earlier, there is no review conducted at the bkr, so you can borrow money with confidence – without bkr.


Do it or not?

Do it or not?

Look carefully at the costs that you have to pay and determine whether you will actually do this or not based on that. If you are shocked by the additional costs, simply wait for your next salary and postpone your plans. Remember that borrowing money always costs money.